Thursday, December 9, 2010

Difference Between Vector and Bitmap

Image of vector
is a digital image based on mathematical equations.
Image Vector consists of combining the coordinates of the point becomes a line or curve to later become an object, so the image is not to be broken even if enlarged or reduced. Figure vectors generally have a smaller size when compared with a bitmap image. Some of these vector image formats: SVG, EPS, and CDR. And some supporting software such as adobe illustrator and corel draw.
And this is an example of a vector that is not rare to see. But this is in jpg format. to obtain another sample, click here. Or you can search from google.

Bitmap graphics are rich in color category ԁ аn composed of pixels that is called resolution. The image file with a clearer resolution file sizes are much larger, Bitmap already support 32 bits colors.Some popular bitmap file formats are BMP, PCX and TIFF.
This is an example of a bitmap.


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